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Greg Rudd


Glengarry Advisory Pty Ltd and Meet the Chiefs Pty Ltd

Greg’s career started in education and performing arts but soon moved to politics, a darker but more influential form of theatre that had always created pathways throughout the world during the march of human history. Starting as a Chief-of-Staff to a Federal Minister, Greg moved to creating his own Government Relations Consultancy which he ran for 10 years before moving to Beijing to establish a business consultancy. Greg has worked with clients in most industry sectors over the years, been a director and chair of a number of start-up companies, worked as a CEO in cyber security, and travelled the world as a speaker, businessman and out of general interest.

Greg does not believe that any one side of politics has the answers. He listens to all and develops solid working relationships in an endeavour to achieve outcomes. He works with businesses of all sizes to help them understand political processes and to benefit from that understanding. He has written fiction, published opinion pieces and contributed to a number of think tanks in various countries. He firmly believes the world can work better and enjoys working with those of a similar mindset.


Currently Greg is co-owner and Director of Glengarry Advisory Pty Ltd and Meet The Chiefs Pty Ltd, based in Canberra with his business partner and fellow Director in both companies Chris Stephens.

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GPO Box 2667

Canberra ACT 2601


Chris Stephens

+61 417 208 402

Greg Rudd

+61 419 724 654


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