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Glengarry Advisory exists to help solve the issues our clients face in their business dealings with federal, state and territory governments. Having operated at the most senior levels of Australia's political and defence bureaucracies, the Glengarry Advisory principals have sound relationships and broad experience and with many government agencies.

Glengarry provides services targeted at helping our clients to achieve their business goals. By understanding each client’s desired business outcomes and objectives, we can offer experienced, informed and reliable advice to help you make informed business decisions.

Document Preparation:

Glengarry Advisory provides guidance and oversight of responses to ATM, RFT, RFI and other tender or procurement submissions.​

We also provide strategic review of:

  • Stakeholder profiles

  • Media releases including Q&A

  • Policy documents 

  • Speaking notes and presentations

  • Market research report

  • Industry trend analysis report

  • Product or service reviews

Industry Expertise:
  • Defence

  • Defence industry

  • Energy and Resources

  • Health

  • Financial Services

  • Cyber Security

  • Information Technology

  • Green Technology

  • Intellectual Property

Service Details

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Strategic Political Advice

Australia as a nation faces many risks which impact government and business.


At this time of heightened risk, awareness of the political, and bureaucratic processes as well as current policies and decision-making processes is important to success. Glengarry Advisory can provide relevant, up-to-date public policy intelligence and insights to benefit your business.

We can also keep you informed about policy changes, political statements and press commentary relevant to your business, along with an “insider opinion” of what it all means for your business. We will ensure you are known and positioned with government and that your business interests are promoted to the right people at the right time.

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Government Relations

Long established professional interactions with Federal, state and territory governments.

Glengarry Advisory will guide your business to a better understanding of how government works, providing political intelligence and stakeholder mapping. We will work with you to deploy your government relations messages, tactics and plans and to develop your reputation with government decision makers and influencers. We will guide your interactions with Government ensuring you are well prepared, organised and ready for engagements across the political and bureaucratic spectrum.

You will benefit from our breadth of insights into how the government process works, how decisions are made and who makes them.

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Through our associated company Meet The Chiefs Pty Ltd, we offer you exposure to  the decision makers and influencers to build your case with confidence.


We will provide intelligence to assist in your analysis of a potential procurement opportunity. If the opportunity is proven, we will ensure the appropriate positioning of your company, your products and your services with decision makers and influencers including through briefings and introductions.

Glengarry Advisory has extensive experience and is well qualified to guide your completion of the Approach to Market (ATM), Request for Tender (RFT) and Request for Information (RFI) materials to ensure competitiveness and compliance.

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Market Entry

Glengarry will provide intelligence to assist in your analysis of the opportunity for your company, products and services and strategic advice to help you to shape the right market entry strategies.


We can introduce you into our strategic alliances and partnering opportunities to undertake mutually beneficial projects, help you create growth strategies tailored for Australia and, optionally, assess your business for introduction to our funder circle.


Glengarry Advisory also provides advice on strategic options for entering the Australian market to help you shape successful approaches for your target markets, segments and key stakeholders.

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Identifying, correctly interpreting and fully meeting compliance requirements and obligations is vital to your organisation’s success in doing business with federal, state and territory governments.  The first step is to define the scope of an opportunity, its key stakeholders, plans, organisational personnel and compliance requirements. The latter can be identified from the relevant legislation, rules, regulations, standards and codes of practice. 

Glengarry Advisory has the expertise to analyse and interpret federal, state and territory compliance requirements. We will work with relevant internal or external stakeholders to remove ambiguities, uncertainties and other problems and to prioritise each compliance requirement into your response.

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Strategic Placement

Through our extensive professional networks Glengarry Advisory becomes aware of individuals who would seamlessly meet higher management rolls. Similarly, we become aware of personnel requirements in organisations and our clients. On several recent occasions introductions have resulted in strategic placements. Glengarry Advisory is always striving to achieve the best outcomes for all clients and others we work with.

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